1. Welcome to the Village, People!

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Join Jaihden Mourtzis and her friends for a weekly podcast presenting a brutally honest and funny point of view on pregnancy, parenting, partnership. and more.


Following her own journey with pre and post-natal depression and complicated birthing experiences, Jaihden has made it her mission to build awareness and discussion about these topics to help other mums and parents, and to assure them they aren’t alone.


As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and so each week Jaihden is joined by friends, experts, and her producer team to share the stories, laugh the laughs, and support each other on the crazy journey known as motherhood.


In our first episode, Jaihden and her on-air producer, Lauren, compare their city / country lives and motherhood experiences, and then Jaihden shares her story of experiencing prenatal depression during her first pregnancy, and then the team are joined by Letitia Gorgas, a psychologist with many years of experience in perinatal mental health and other areas of adult mental health, to discuss the issues around prenatal depression and ways to gain support.


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