They say it takes a village...

Join Jaihden Mourtzis and friends as they keep it real while exploring the highs and lows of pregnancy and parenting.
Throw in a bit of swearing, a lot of humour, and an endless supply of heart, and you’ve got a front row seat for Mummy Village.

Meet Jaihden

She’s a mum, a hairdresser, a business owner, the daughter of a Big Brother housemate (!), a wife, and now a podcast host.
After experiencing pre and post-natal depression surrounding the birth of her first child, Jaihden made it her mission to share her story to help other parents who might experience something similar. Her honest, unfiltered talk has helped other mums understand they are definitely not alone.
And now, she’s bringing all that to Mummy Village – a podcast sharing the highs, the lows, and the just plain sh*tty of everything pregnancy, birth, and parenting related!

Latest Episodes

11.  Nikolina Koevska Kharoufeh - On Postnatal Depression, Managing a Carreer and Becoming a Children’s Book Author 11.

This week we chat to Nikolina Koevska Kharoufeh, an accomplished journalist, a podcast host, an ACRA award winner, a mother of two, and now the author of ‘My Mummy Loves Fudge’ one of the most relatable children’s books that we have ever read. We discuss Nikolina’s experience with postnatal depression, how she managers her career and being a mum as well as the inspiration behind her hilarious Instagram reels. This week we also introduce you to our new Producer, Alexandra Whittington.

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10. Going From 1 To 2 Kids With Gen Muir

Gen Muir of Connected Parenting comes back to the podcast to discuss the challenging transition of welcoming a second child to the family. We discuss the needs of the eldest child and transition tips for both kids and parents in a wide-ranging chat full of laughs and a few tears.

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